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Well I'm borderline "Neet" at this time, as I have no job and the only income I get is from those tax returns.

I should make it an effort to visit here as this was my first flash site with "super mario rampage"
and "nightmare on elm street" and what have you.

I blame modding my wii and the video game boards I frequent.

so wtf nao?

2008-11-11 21:46:20 by Slurby

Things have been a blur for me, hopefully I'll be done with my school and thus give me some free time again to give this site some long overdue t.l.c

glad this sites been evolving and getting better overtime though ^^


2007-09-12 10:14:22 by Slurby

Again the lack of me getting on here is somewhat depressing

my only complaint with this new site update would have to be...

the layout for the audio...I miss the "date Submitted" being easier to find :P

Holy Shit Tacos

2007-07-24 08:01:39 by Slurby

well I'm amused by the newer more pimped out newgrounds to say the least.

I'm a lazy person with a mildly large house hold to compete with getting on this damn computor so I dont get on this awesome site as much as I want to anymore.